Cesium World Bathymetry Visualization

On our project to visualize microparticles floating in the ocean, we are very pleased to hear about the World Bathymetry tiles being added to Cesium.

The blog post here: Introducing Cesium World Bathymetry shows a great video demonstrating the receding waterline revealing the undersea terrain. This is exactly what we need for our project and I was wondering if anyone could provide some hints/tips on achieving this effect using Cesium in other projects (We are using Unity, but I suppose the technique could be implemented similarly using other API’s).

Any support with this would be appreciated!

there was a blog published yesterday Working with Cesium World Bathymetry in CesiumJS – Cesium

After analyzing the Bathymetry sandcastle demo, I realize that porting the elevation contour and elevation ramp material to Unity materials is no trivial task.

Can anyone provide some helpful suggestions (perhaps using the CesiumDefaultTilesetShader) on how to add the elevation ramp and elevation contour lines in Unity?

Thanks in advance!