Support for rendering Ocean surface topography

I’m wondering if there is any official support to render all of the hills and valleys of the seafloor with CesiumJS assuming I have the bathymetry data and can serve it in the format that CesiumJS supports? This PR from 2017: Underwater Rendering (Do not merge) by jasonbeverage · Pull Request #6047 · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub is basically what I’m looking to do.

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Thank you for your community forum post! We just put together the following demo that showcases how to visualize bathymetry data. Here is the link:


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Thanks Sam! This is just want I’m looking for. Just two things, is it possible to show the ocean’s surface in addition to the terrain? and what exactly is the type of data that is being brought in this specific demo. is it in quantized mesh or is it in another format.



I am happy to hear that I was able to provide you with the correct code example! To answer your questions:

  • Yes! It should be possible to show the ocean’s surface in addition to the bathymetry data. We provide basic support for subsurface visualization - check out this GitHub thread for more details :+1:
  • As for the data type, the source data is HDF5. We wrote a custom C program on DI2E that converts it to GeoTIFF which generates about 1700 .tiff files.

We eventually plan to integrate this bathymetry dataset into Cesium World Terrain. I hope this information helps!