Water/ocean simulation

I’m trying to add ocean/water simulation - is there a way to do this? I am trying to build a prototype where you can play as a submarine, so I need ocean depths. What is the cutting edge advice on this topic?

Hi @tyrspawn - You can enable a basic water simulation using the “Enable Water Mask” option on Cesium World Terrain actor. You can also customize the water simulation using your own blueprints.

Cesium World Terrain currently does not have a bathymetric surface to allow underwater simulations. We do plan to make underwater terrain available, but this may happen towards the end of 2021.


+1 for bathymetric data set to allow underwater sims. Considering moving from a custom Unity implementation to UE for our game; this would be immensely useful for us.

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Yes please, adding ocean depth/Bathymetry data would make it sooo much better.

Following this thread as well for a bathymetric data options. Cheers

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