Underwater sea floor using Unity 3D in underwater warfare simulation?

Hello every one, I am developing a Naval/Submarine Simulation and I would like to use Cesium to stream the sea floor and underwater enviroment in Unity 3D. I have seen that Cesium use Gebco bathimetry data, but how can use this data in Unity Terrain or similar?
Thank you very much for your answer!
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Hello @Vytek,

The default terrain in Cesium for Unity, Cesium World Terrain, does not include bathymetric data. However, you can load alternate terrains from Cesium ion in the same manner. I would recommend creating a terrain dataset that includes bathymetric data by uploading the data to Cesium ion. This page contains further information about uploading terrain data to Cesium ion.


Thank you for answer. But I don’t understand. I upload an asset as you suggest.

This is my upload:

From: https://www.gebco.net/data_and_products/gridded_bathymetry_data/

How can I use it in Cesium Unity? And it is correct?

Thank you very much and let me know!