Cesium3DTileset.ComputeLoadProgress() value goes up and down


I am looking into a “visual issue” where the ComputeLoadProgress method seemingly gives me the progress of each tile being loaded on an individual level as well as the total progression.

It makes it so the value goes up and down until it reaches 100%.

It has been flagged as something we should “fix” on my team and I agree that it is not ideal considering the usual visual format of a loading screen bar, for which context it is used for in our case.

Is there any way to get a 0 to 100% completion that goes up in a linear fashion?
A total tile count to be instantiated that is accessible somewhere and from which I can evaluate at which tile I’m at compared to the total amount?

Unfortunately, no. Sometimes, when we load a tile, we discover that more tiles will need to be loaded. There’s no way to know that prior to loading the first tile.

I see.
Thank you for the confirmation.

For anyone interested, I found that simply evaluating if the new progress value is higher than the last progress value allows for a seemingly linear fill of a loading bar.
It might not be the best solution given the logic of the ComputeLoadProgress method, but it does the job well enough for us for now.

I will mark this as the solution.