Evaluating when all of the tiles are loaded


I’m looking into the possibility of evaluating when the tilesets surrounding the player are loaded for a loading screen in Unity. I want to fade in when Cesium has completed its processes, basically.

Is there such a logic in place for Unity?

I found that using the following evaluation allows for something close enough to what I am looking for.

private Cesium3DTileset m_CesiumTileset;
float progress = m_CesiumTileset.ComputeLoadProgress();

If someone has a better solution, I am all ears.

That solution does make it so sometimes the progression gets stuck. I still need to investigate as to whether or not this is caused by my own code, but I can become an annoyance if not dealt with.

After more tests, some tiles are simply longer to load than others, which can be confusing when it takes longer than the median time it usually takes. The progression doesn’t get stuck after all.

ComputeLoadProgress is what I’d use.

If you find a bug where it’s not reaching completion successfully, please let us know.

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Thank you for the confirmation.
Will do for the bug if my tests tell me the issue comes from Cesium.