CesiumJS Releases Break Globe Tiling

Does anyone have any idea why our Cesium sites stop displaying the globe after just about every Cesium release until we upgrade to the latest CesiumJS? I’ve asked Tim Rivenbark about this in the past, and he said he passed the question on to the developers… but I’ve never received any sort of feedback.

This has been happening at least the past couple of years. When a new CesiumJS is released all of our sites that use Cesium have the globe disappear. Objects drawn over the globe (lines, polygons, models, etc.) still appear. But no map tiles (thus producing a transparent globe).

The strange thing is that there are no errors thrown. However, when we grab the latest CesiumJS everything works again.

Today around 12pm Central Time I noticed that all our Cesium sites have a transparent globe. I’m assuming a new CesiumJS has been pushed to production (whatever that means behind the scenes). However, there’s not a new CesiumJS build available for download.

I’m confident that as soon as we update to the new CesiumJS build our sites will work properly again.


Any info on how your sites are integrated? Sounds like some caching issue, but impossible to say. I never have had this issue, but then we bundle Cesium with our environment so not bound to any online Cesium repo. How do you ingest it?



Thanks for the response. Yes, very strange.

We download the entire CesiumJS bundle and package it with our application. We have a Cesium ion account and utilize the terrain/elevation data provided by Cesium. We don’t utilize any other online resources from Cesium.

As I mentioned all our sites had transparent globes yesterday (and I discovered they were throwing some errors when attempting to draw some objects although I haven’t tracked down the specifics yet). But I downloaded and upgraded to the latest CesiumJS bundle, and all sites are working properly again.

I’ll have to continue to dig into this when I have time.