CesiumOriginShift rotating wildly when high above poles

Hi we’ve got a flying experience, and our camera object has a CesiumGlobeAnchor and CesiumOriginShift. The problem is when we fly near the poles (latitude > 89) in a straight line, the world starts to spin under us, like we’re entering a whirlpool. Presumably this is due to longitudinal convergence but we’re at a loss to fix it. Has anybody solved this problem or have any ideas to try?

I can see why that would happen. The interpolation of the camera position is done in an East-Up-North reference frame, which “flips” as you cross the poles. It’s not obvious what the solution is, though. Interpolating directly in ECEF instead would fail to keep the camera upright during the flight.

Thanks we are trying to compensate by adjusting heading an equal and opposite amount