CesiumWidget Czml DataSource

I had the CZML data source working in a previous version of Cesium but am currently trying to get it to work on the current version. All of the examples I have found have been for the CesiumViewer. Can someone post a simple example for the CesiumWidget? (static czml data)

Actually I think I have the code to display czml but I’m having trouble with my czml file itself. I tried copying it into the online “built-in” example and it won’t display. Can someone please post a simple CZML example file that is for static data (always shown)?

“id”: “car”,
“billboard”: {
“image” : “http://www.i2clipart.com/cliparts/8/b/5/7/clipart-blue-car-8b57.png
“position”: {
“cartesian”: [
-2373754.663701, -4665332.880136, 3628133.689242


This should draw a car image in the south-western area of the United States.

Thanks! That worked!