cesuim js's 3d tile is slow

i have problem with cesium js’s slow speed by big and many b3dm file

there are too many b3dms and json files(almost 30GB, 144,774 files)

How can I implement these b3dm files in Chrome without lowering the frame rate?

  1. I have glb files converted from b3dm files. Will the speed be faster if I combine the glb files into one glb file and then convert it to a b3dm file and upload it?

  2. Do you know how to integrate the tileset.json files located in each folder and the tileset.json in the root location?

  3. If consolidating the b3dm files is slow or impossible, is there any way to compress the b3dm files?

i know 3d tiles tools’s optimizeB3dm command option.

Has anyone had a similar experience to me?