Change info Box Name

Hi, I’m new in Cesium
I’ll be pleased if someone can help me.
I loaded a GeoJSON, but when you click in it, the Info Box appears, showing a random name. something like: “ae346a73-7bdf-41b1-af14-e773e”
I would like to know how can I change this.
I just wanna show the same name for each polygon of the GeoJSON.

I hope someone can help me.
Thanks a lot!

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Hi, did you check the example on this Cesium page:
You create an entity and assign a value to the ‘name’ property, e.g.: = ‘Box name’;
Hope this helps

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You can also find an example here of modifying properties on a GeoJSON after you load it:

So you can go through and assign names to each one as @poulinc pointed out.