Changing the tileset at runtime

Hi all,
I’ve been trying to find a way to change the globe’s tileset at runtime, similar to how you normally layer a map. Specifically, it’s between the night map, the normal aerial view, and the aerial view + labels.
Is it possible to do such a thing? I’m assuming it would mean re-loading the whole globe, but currently the only way I see how is via the editor, either by pressing “Use this as Tileset base layer” or by quick adding from the cesium menu.

Just a quick edit -
I see that each asset supposedly has a cesium ion id on the 3D tileset component, but for me the three of them are 1.


Asset ID 1 is Cesium World Terrain, which is geometry only (no textures). You’ll see there’s also a Cesium ion Raster Overlay component, which is the textures (no geometry) draped over the terrain. To change the map, you just need to set the ionAssetID property on that raster overlay component, which you can do programmatically.

Great! Must have missed that below the 3D tileset. Thanks a lot!