Clip and ship selection functionality question

This question is related to the recent clip and ship cesium ion feature - Unlock New 3D Geospatial Workflows with Offline Clips of 3D Tiles and glTF from Cesium ion – Cesium

From my understanding, this new feature allows you to clip parts of Cesium Ion 3D Tilesets and save them for use in offline applications.

However, will the actual functionality/tool for selecting an area of a 3D tileset be available in cesium viewer applications? I’m specifically referring to the screenshot in that article which shows the ‘Select Region’ functionality (not necessarily the clipping feature).


Are you looking for a specific Cesium viewer? In Cesium for Unreal and Cesium for Unity the closest thing to the clip and ship UI would be a cartographic polygon. It uses the built-in manipulation UIs to let the user define a polygon.

Here are example links: