Clipping only a portion of 3d Tileset


I’m currently trying to clip only the part of 3d model that lies under the clipping plane dimensions not the whole vertical or horizontal part of the 3d model, i made a simple UI to resize the clipping planes but even if i resize the plane the whole horizontal plane is clipped instead of just the area covered by the plane

The clipping planes define a Half Space. They are only defined by a normal direction and a distance to the origin. The concept of “size” does not apply to them. They are basically “infinitely large”.

(You showed the rectangle in the screenshot. Yes, that’s that: A rectangle. This one does have a size. But this is only a visual representation for the clipping plane. It is not used for the clipping plane computations).

In order to define a “clipping shape”, you have to put multiple clipping planes into a ClippingPlaneCollection. With this, you can essentially describe a Convex Polytope.

The actual question here is somewhat similar to How to load only 3dtiles inside the polygon? - #7 by Marco13 . I had created an example sandcastle for the other thread, and just tweaked it for your use-case.

There are two sliders (defined in the “HTML body & CSS” tab). The first slider affects the size of a square. From the corner points of this square, 4 clipping planes are created. The second slider affects the height of another clipping plane. Together, these 5 clipping planes allow you to “carve out” something cube-shaped from a tileset.

You’ll probably have to tweak and adjust that as well, for example, to create a rectangle (from width an height) and not only a square. But the example should already show the general approach of using 5 clipping planes to define the area that is supposed to be cut out here.