Clipping Planes on globe

I have an active clipping Plane for the globe in Cesium (1.54). But always there are these little strange "egdes" (including OSM and BINg layer). I have marked them in the red circles in the image linked in this post.
Is it possible to deactivate these "edges"?

I think what you’re seeing there are the terrain skirts that CesiumJS adds between terrain tiles to fill in gaps. I’m not sure if there is an easy way to disable it, but if you can provide a Sandcastle example that recreates this we can open a bug report on GitHub to track it.

I think the reason this hasn’t come up before is that usually with clipping planes on the globe, the hole is filled with something else (like a photogrammetry model) so those skirts are occluded behind that. Are you doing something similar or do you have a different use case?

Modified your Sandcastle example fr this. If you zoom to the edged of the clipped globe, you can see the gaps. I think it's just a cosmetic issue, not really improving functionality. But if there is time for it, take a look here:

Thanks for the Sandcastle! I would say the easiest way to hide that is to place something opaque in the hole, since the other problem is you can see the star map through the hole.

Is that an option for you? If not, can you tell me a bit about your use case here?

This hole should open the globe at a specific defined region for the user to see subsurface layers there (which are included through a tileset). If I insert something opaque, I think the layers in the hole wouldn be visible, too.
Like I said, I guess it's just cosmetics.

Thanks for clarifying! Underground rendering is something on the roadmap. I don’t have any easy solutions off the top of my head but I added a note about this here: