Hide terrain model locally to show photogrammetry model

The challenge I'm encountering is that when I place a photogrammetry asset in the correct lat/long and altitude location, portions of the asset can get obscured by the global terrain (either Bing maps or Cesium World Terrain).

My solution so far has been to place the photogrammetry asset as a much higher altitude so that the terrain won't obscure any portions of the asset, but .

Is there any way to hide the global terrain model locally only where the new asset is displayed, so that I can place the photogrammetry asset at the correct altitude, and not have it be clipped/hidden by the terrain?

I believe this is exactly why globe clipping planes were developed:

So you can create 4 clipping planes around your asset on the globe and toggle them on/off when you add/show/hide your tileset.

Let me know if that works!

That's a great feature!
Thanks or pointing it out.

Is there any simple way to extract the boundary of a tiled model to use as either clipping planes or clipping polygon?


That’s actually a really good idea for a feature we could do! In the mean time, each tile contains a bounding sphere:


Which you could perhaps use to approximate that.