Clipping tiles inside Unity and making them into regular terrains

Hello, could you please put in your roadmap an option for us to clip and download tiles inside Unity? Our users tend to start moving before the tiles fully load, and often fall into the abyss. Clipping the tiles outside of Unity will add extra work to align them, and make sure they don’t overlap with the streaming tiles.
Another thing to consider, is converting those saved tiles into regular Unity terrain, so we can paint textures, scatter plants, rocks, trees and other objects.

Thank you!

Thanks for the suggestions @VRTravelExpo ! I’ve created an issue for your first request here: Add ability to create Cesium clips in our runtimes · Issue #878 · CesiumGS/cesium-native · GitHub

For your second request, I’m not familiar enough with the Unity terrain system, but I believe you’d need a tool to convert 3D models into terrain, which may be outside the scope of Cesium. But I found this video here, that shows how to convert an arbitrary model into Unity terrain data:

Let me know if that helps with your use case. :smile: