COLLADA to glTF converter removes parts of model


I have a collada model of turbine which I tried to export to glTF format. Two from 3 wings disappeared. What could be the problem? Is it a converter bug? I checked it with two different turbine files.


turbine.dae (301 KB)

turbine.glb (229 KB)

windmill.glb (279 KB)

windmill.dae (584 KB)

Hi Daria,

The cause is often a bad COLLADA file. Have you tried the tips in the Troubleshooting section of the 3D Models tutorial? Let us know if that doesn’t help.



I’ve often has this problem. It seems to be with model components that are grouped.

Usually I can fix the problem by importing the model into Sketchup, exploding the grouped entities, and re-saving as a Collada file.

I have no technical explanation for why this works. Maybe a smarter graphics modeling person could weigh in?

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