still can't get .dae's glTF files to show up in application

ok, so I need Maya's exporter to work. I can see the file in preview and it's fine. My client cannot see the file in the renderer. I can however import that dae in to Modo, then export and it works/converts, but I need the smoothing, and modo isn't smoothing my file.

the ONLY files that show up in the glTR converter are from Modo. Why is that the only application that works properly? Is there a setting that needs to be considered? I wouldn't even know where to starte because ther are so many choices.


The primary issue is that most Collada exports suck and actually produce invalid Collada files. We try to work around this as much as possible on our end, but it’s a painful process that requires the “bad model” in order to debug. Can you post one of your non-working models for us to test with?