COLLADA-to-GLTF converts COLLADA to dark GLTF models


first of all, congrats for shipping Cesium 1.2, it rocks!

I’ve been using the hosted COLLADA-to-GLTF converter to create glTF models out of some COLLADAs I have. Unfortunately, all show up as black inside of cesium.

Here’s a converted model:

Moreover, is there any way to make the converter work localy, without the need of uploading? It gets pretty frustrating when you have to do that for many models!



Can you please post the original COLLADA model? We may be able to make a small change to the converter to improve this. You could also try this workaround:!searchin/cesium-dev/gltf$20shader/cesium-dev/anSK-Q7h_TA/cEKaQDOGM0EJ


Hi Patrick,

thank you for your reply. The original model is at

Also, thanks for suggesting the hack :slight_smile: If you need any more troubling models, please let me know since I’ve got plenty of them!


Hi, I have the same effect. Did you fix that bug?

Best Regards