Conic Intersection Issue


I am seeing an issue where I have several conic sensors being displayed inside of CESIUM. Each of the sensors are similar in nature but major difference is their color. One might be all blue (including intersection color, cap color, inner and outer material color etc) and the others are green. Depending on the load order if the green conic sensor is loaded first the intersection color for the blue conic is green. If the blue sensor is created first then the green conic intersection color is blue. I am creating each of the objects with CMZL (the czml is being created on the fly). Also I set all of the different colors with the value. I have not been able to track down where inside the Cesium code this is occurring. Any thoughts?


P.S. I am using a B16 version of Cesium.

Tim, I’m sorry I missed this email the first time around. Someone just brought it to my attention. It’s a bug, which is now fixed and will be in b19 on the 1st.

Here’s the link to the change: