Continuous gap at ground height

Hi, my Cesium 3Dtilesets were working fine in all of my projects and now for some reason a gap is appearing in all projects. The culling/gap seems to be occurring throughout the entire tileset at ground level and fallowing the curvature of the earth. With that said, it seems to be working fine in CBD areas. It occurs with and without have the CartographicPolygon applied. I’ve also updated to the most recent version of Cesium with no luck. Does anyone know why this would be occurring? @Kevin_Ring

Are you using a custom material, perhaps? Beyond that, I don’t know what might cause it. Can you reproduce it in the Cesium for Unreal Samples project?

Thanks for getting bak to me @Kevin_Ring. No custom materials have been used. From both a blank project and the Cesium Sample file I’m getting the same gapping result. If i move closer towards the city it seems to be ok. I’ve noticed that there is a continual gap at a particular tileset and it seems to continue along that axis. It’s almost like the tileset has been selected and then moved in a Z direction.

@Kevin_Ring, further to the above, when using CesiumWorldTerrain Source From Cesium ION the tiles do not split. However, when I change Source to From URL and use the googleapis it’s a different story. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Make sure you don’t have a transform on your Cesium3DTileset actor at all. But other than that, it just sounds like an artifact in the data at that particular location, and you’d have to raise it as an issue with Google.

@Kevin_Ring thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately, there isn’t any transforms on the Tileset. It was all working fine the other day, not to worry, I’ll raise with Google. Cheers.

That’s especially mysterious if it was working fine the other day, as I’d be surprised if Google’s data changed. Are you able to reproduce the problem on other machines?

It is rather odd. The same issue occurs on other machines.

@Kevin_Ring do you happen to know if there is a particular Google support team that would handle this particular case?

Ok, sounding more and more like something in the data, then. Just one more check. Take a look at the area in CesiumJS’s Sandcastle app:

If it happens there, too, we can be fairly certain the gap is in the data itself.

@Kevin_Ring unfortunately, it’s occurring in the Sandcastle app :frowning_face: you wouldn’t happen to know the Google support team I could raise this issue with?

There’s a “Send Feedback” link on this page:

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