Coordinate conversion in editor state

Excuse me, how to convert the “Longitude Latitude Height” into the world coordinates in the Map and from the Map world coordinates into the “Longitude Latitude Height” in editor state?

Can’t this be done?

Hi @Xiaoguang,

For easy coordinate conversion in editor, I’d suggest using an actor with a Cesium Georeference/Globe Anchor component. If you don’t have a suitable actor already, you can create an empty actor, then in the Details panel, add a Cesium Globe Anchor component. (If you’re using an older version of the plugin, it will be called Cesium Georeference.)

After you’ve added this component, you’ll be able to find the actor’s longitude, latitude, and height, as well as the ECEF coordinates, if helpful. You can input a longitude, latitude, and height directly into these fields. Then, click on the root actor, and you’ll see the UE world coordinates.

I believe this may be the easiest way, but you might also be able to create a tool with blueprint or C++ to convert things for you using the functions to transform between coordinate systems found on Cesium Globe Anchor or the Cesium Georeference.