Could you details the photogrammetry's problem about y-axisUp?

The local photogrammetry of anyone interested can be load perfectly and correctly, Currently, but i dont know what have happened, is there anyone could tell me what parts do you have modified?

this is my load about local data.

Hello @yuan1405 ,

Compatibility was recently added for the gltfUpAxis property. This was discussed in this issue and it was implemented in this cesium-unreal PR and this cesium-native PR. As discussed in the issue, we discourage users from relying on the property, since it is not spec-compliant 3D tiles.

Hello, Can you details spec-compliant 3D tiles for me? I have used the format data of osgb, fbx, gltf, i3m and so on, it always make me confused about transfomation of 3d format data.I think for the development of cesium for unreal it will be a problem to to be solved, also.