Crack in terrain where two tiles connect using cesium terrain builder.


I am trying to create a custom terrain using the famous Cesium Terrain Builder and taking the DEM data in TIF format from the SRTM project (from here).

It works really nice and easy, the terrain is very good… but i have a problem where two tiles connect to each other, on the seam practically.

In particoular i see a crack, in the terrain on the seam, see the picture below.

In the first moment I thought there was a problem in the allignment of the TIF tiles, but then I recreated some of them by cutting those by myself to be sure there were perfectly adjacent… and the problem was still present.

Do you have some advice? Is there some particoular job to do with the seam when generating tiles with the “ctb-tile” command?

Thank you very much!

I’m using Cesium 1.41 - Windows 7 - Chrome browser last version.

Hi Rik,

We don’t support the Cesium Terrain Builder project. Try reaching out to the maintainers of that problem to sole your issue.

Good luck!