Create a Login Page for my ION Cesium Presentation Link


I’ve created a presentation on my ION Cesium account, and I would like to share it on my website.
The problem is that, anyone open my website can access to view my presentation.

I need to create a user log in page (user authentication) in order to control aaccessibility to my presentation.

Any suggestion and solution is highly appreciated.


I assume when you say presentation are talking about creating Cesium Stories. Is your goal here specifically to password protect your Cesium Stories for inclusion on your website? Or are you trying to protect the website as a whole?

Currently, any shareable link from Cesium Stories is public and can be accessed by anyone.

On the other hand, if you are trying to provide authentication for your own website that would have to be implemented on your end and it’s not possible for us to make a broad recommendation since there are so many solutions based on different use cases.