Create a Plane Primitive similar to Entity's PlaneGraphics?

Is it possible to create a Plane Primitive that functions similarly to the Entity API’s PlaneGraphics? Specifically, I want to specify the Plane and its dimensions (segment).

I’d like to switch from using an Entity to a Primitive because ImageMaterialProperty doesn’t support TextureMinificationFilter/TextureMagnificationFilter and has persistent issues updating correctly.

I’m using this to display a zoomable/pannable image.

Hello @Rachel,

The Entity API creates a PlaneGeometry under the hood: PlaneGeometry - Cesium Documentation
We have some example of using Geometry and Appearances to create primitives in our development Sandcastle example (which you can run if you run Sandcastle locally): cesium/Geometry and Appearances.html at master · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub

Alternatively, we would be happy to review a pull request if you wanted to add TextureMinificationFilter/TextureMagnificationFilter support to the ImageMaterialProperty. You can find our contributor documentation here: cesium/Documentation/Contributors at master · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub


Cesium Staff

Sorry, just getting back to this…

If anyone wants to do something similar, I ended up essentially copying createPrimitiveMatrix from the PlaneGeometryUpdater source. It would be cool to expose this somewhere.

Its image material still doesn’t update.