Material appearance on primitives vs entities


I am using ol3-cesium for 2D and synching of vector features between Openlayers (2D) and Cesium (3D).

Ol3-Cesium makes use of primitives and groundPrimitives instead of entities. However, i would like my primitives to have the same "look" as entities.

If I compare for example:

(the 5 boxes above eachother -translucent or solid )


(include some extrusion)

They appear very different..

I tried tweaking around with the PerInstanceColorAppearance settings based on, but I just dont seem to be able to approach these 5 boxes from the first example- which are created as entities.

Anybody knows how I can get the same look with primitives?


You can see how to use primitives to create the same geometry and appearances example in the development examples included in the Cesium download.

Here is the example on the website:

However, unless you have a good reason, I would recommend using the Entity API instead of the Primitives API because it handles a lot of things like setting the correct vertexFormat and material properties for you.



Hi Hannah,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply, with the example I figured out the right settings on Primitive, GeometryInstance and Appearance!

I had found the current Geometry&Appearance (based on entities) example in the sandcastle but its good to know that in the dev folder the legacy examples are still contained.