Create a vertical rectangle with image texture

Is it possible to generate a vertical PolygonGeometry in Cesium, which is covered with a texture?
I tried it already as follows, but there is always an error (_workerName must be defined for asynchronous geometry.). I need a PolygonGeometry because the coordinates of the corners will be partly under the ground in the end so i need xyz coordinates.

This is what I tried so far:

scene.primitives.add(new Primitive({
    geometryInstances: new GeometryInstance({
        geometry: ({
            polygonHierarchy: new PolygonHierarchy(
                    -72.0, 40.0,
                    -70.0, 35.0,
                    -75.0, 30.0,
                    -70.0, 30.0,
                    -68.0, 40.0
    appearance: {
        translucent: false,
        material: new Material({
            fabric: {
                type: 'Image',
                uniforms: {
                    image: '../resources/img/base.png'

Have you tried creating this with the Entity API? You should be able to pass in polygon coordinates with negative heights I think.

Yes, thanks. I have used the Entity API in the end where i can create a polygon and add it as entity to the viewer.