Create Custom Primitive Type

Hello, I am trying to create a new shape that can not be represented by any of the Primitive Types in the CesiumJS library. Is there anyone that can provide me with a starting point to under stand the rendering pipeline so that I can add a new type? I do not see anything in the developer materials that cover information.


Hi @rberge,

Thank you for your community forum post! I do not have a significant amount of experience with creating custom primitives in CesiumJS. However, I wanted to quickly interject with a possible workaround. It seems like you are trying to create a custom 3D shape. One option may be to use a 3rd party tool to generate a glTF model of your custom shape. From here, you can simply import it into CesiumJS. I would love to learn more about why our rendering pipeline would potentially be relevant to your process.


Custom geometry? see this: Geometry and Appearances · CesiumGS/cesium Wiki · GitHub.

Or you want to add a new member to Cesium.PrimitiveType? If so, I think you may need to read source code deeply.

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