Create Sandcastle demos for major Javascript frameworks

Hey all,

I have noticed that developers that use Cesium along with a Javascript framework have difficulties getting help through the forum when asked to use a Sandcastle. I guess this is caused either from the limitations of the Sandcastle environment, which is totally ok because it’s purpose is for demos or from the complexity of the targeted framework.
So, it would be great if we could have some means of getting up an environment with Cesium and a Javascript framework for troubleshooting. Two options that should be considered are:

  1. Configure the infrastructure of Sandcastle so that the user can plug in the framework of choice. I think that this would be the best choice scenario because there is already the notion of sharing a sandcastle through a link here How to share custom Sandcastle examples
  2. Use an existing environment such as Codepen or plnkr to setup up demos for each framework maintained by the Cesium team.

What are your thoughts on that?


I’d specifically recommend use of CodeSandbox, which A) has full support for NPM dependencies, and B) also has the ability to define your own template sandboxes that can be forked with a single click.

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