Creation of CZML from Keplar elements


Is there a way to create CZML file from the given Kepler elements values - Perigee,Apogee, Incl, AOP,RAAN?

Seems the Kepler elements are to be first converted to Cartesian Coordinate system. Is there a methodology to that?


I could convert the Keplar elements to Cartesian coordinates using
But the coordinate x,y,z are not coming properly on around the globe as in example at

Is there still a transformation required from these coordinates to Cesium coordinate system??

I’m not familiar with that code, but it probably computes position in the Earth-centered Inertial frame, while CZML defaults to the Earth-centered Fixed frame. You can specify the inertial frame in CZML by setting the “referenceFrame” sub-property of the “position” property to “INERTIAL”. See here.

The server-side of the Lots of Satellites demo was developed using AGI’s STK Components product, which does orbit propagation and many other things. AGI has made a huge investment in building Cesium and is giving it away for free, so it would be awesome if you took a look at their other offerings. Full disclosure: I work for AGI. I believe we frequently give the Lots of Satellites source code to STK Components users that request it.