Translate position, velocity, roll, pitch, yaw to czml format for satellite

So, I have data about a satellite which is essentially rows of data containing epoch, cartesian coordinates(x, y, z), velocity(x, y, z), and yaw, pitch, roll.

I’m utilizing the Sandcastle CZML tutorial as a base, and I’d like to define my satellite in CZML like the ISS and other satellites are there. How do I translate this to czml? Im a bit confused about how this will work. I can see that “position” in simple.czml contains the cartesian coordinates and offset for each value in the epoch. But I can see that “path” is also used, what does the leadTime and trailTime do, and how would my data transfer to that?

I don’t think you need to use leadTime/trailTime, but they are documented here:

Have you seen this simple.czml example? This is what’s used in this example: I would start with a minimal CZML without the lead/trail time and see if that works for you.

What kind of project are you working on?