CZML trail error when skipping forward in time

I have an app which shows satellite orbits defined with czml. These orbits are displayed with leadTime and trailTime similar to the sandcastle examples.

A typical CZML file will contain orbits for a time range of a 3-5 days.

However, when displaying the orbits, if my code changes the time to a few days into the future, then all the lead and trail times are bunched up together, so that they become a thick band surrounding the globe, rather than the normal thin line.

I have created a sandcastle example showing this behaviour:

(Click the button in the top left to change the time)



Okay I have noticed something that the change is not gradual, or caused by a build up of trails, it seems to only happen after the first full day, so that the trails become "fat" after 24 hours of czml data.

I have created a new Sandcastle to show this, with buttons going to the time before and after the transition.

(first satellite trail changes at 00:00:00, second satellite trails changes at 00:00:01)

I'm going to check my czml generation code to see if I am somehow causing this effect

Found the reason, I was only generating a path for the first 24 hours of the czml file :confused: