CZML time problem

Why ?
When I use CZML for drawing satellite orbit it has time limit and i can’t see next day?

Hi @hosein_movahedi,

Thank you for your question! I would love to learn more about your overall application - what is your use case for CZML? In the meantime, it would be helpful if you could provide a sandcastle demo that showcases the issue that you are facing. I am looking forward to learning more.


I use it to display satellite orbit like celectrack simulator.
but it just have one day.

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Thanks for the additional details. Have you tried updating the CZML parameters to allow for a larger time frame?


This happens to me as well, for example i’ve set the interval and availabilities of my czml packets to:

For most everything in the file, and the whole thing will just disappear on 12/8/21 after 24 hours regardless. Maybe this is because of the path interval lead time or trail times, or maybe the epoch attribute. I don’t really know, I haven’t been able to find a solution yet but it’s something I need to fix at some point. I know there a lot that goes on with clock as well, with the czml clock and I know even less about the scene clock. Wish I could just get it to loop for a segment of animation but I know its got position data it needs to try and process for the moving objects. I think whats happening is maybe since its only exporting 24 hours of movement data when I make the satellites(in stk) that it only circles one time around and then disappears because of that. But really I don’t know what causes it to go away after 1 day.

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