cross origin allow

I'm trying to connect to GoogleEarthImageryProvider and i'm getting to
cross origin allow error.
I read almost every article in the net about it, and i saw that i need to change something inside my google enterprise server config file but i didn't unserstand what exactly...

Check out the following page:

This gives specific instructions for changing HTTP server configurations to enable cors.


I did it on my own IIS which wrapps the Cesium, but according to this:
I need to change the config file on my Google Enterprise Server, and i'm not sure where and how...i tried a few things but it didn't work so i will be happy for an example of exactly what i need to change and where to put it.

So you already tried the following (as noted at the URL you provided), and it didn’t work?

You can either use a proxy server which adds these headers, or in the /opt/google/gehttpd/conf/gehttpd.conf and add the ‘Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin “*”’ option to the ‘’ and ‘<Directory “/opt/google/gehttpd/htdocs”>’ directives.

I didn't try the proxy yet.
I tried to change the config file but it didn't worked. I think maybe i didn'y change it correctly so i will be happy to see an example for what exactly i should do there...