Cesiumjs over angular 1 using google earth server

**I have old code in angular 1 that using cesiumjs. **

**I create ubuntu virtual machine that run google earth server and i want to define the cesiumjs to use this google earth **

**I define what i need and i get **Access-Control-Allow-Origin exception and i dont see the map.

What do to ?

how to solve it ?

Can you provide a code snippet?

It sounds like a CORS issue. Most likely the server from which you are requesting data is not configured correctly.

If you control the server hosting the data, we encourage enabling CORS as described here.



I checked the links you sent.

I also think this is the server side - as i mentioned before, the server I use is the GOOGLE EARTH server that I installed on the UBUNTU machine.

When i try to type on chrome the server machine ip with the map name - i see on my chrome the google earth map.

But on Cesiumjs i get the exception.

I do not find anything on the Internet that says something about it - that means I have to change something on the server side.

Something familiar with this phenomenon?

Can something help me?

You’ll need to enable CORS on the server like the second link in my previous post, or set up a proxy, like this for example.