Culling in Ray Tracing pass?

I am trying to use Cesium in unreal with a modified ray tracing pass based on UE4’s RayTracingPrimaryRays pass. The scene is rendered completely with ray tracing. With Cesium, the terrain appears all black until the camera passes within a short distance of the tile. You can see the effect here with the Ray Tracing Debug>PrimaryRays view mode selected in the editor:

Is there a way to render the Cesium terrain at longer distances for the ray tracing primary rays pass in unreal?


Cesium for Unreal has not been tested comprehensively with ray tracing. I’m not exactly sure why Cesium World Terrain would be rendering like it is in the screenshot above.

Could you provide a basic outline of how to reproduce this issue? Then I can take a look on my end and see if I can figure anything out.


You wouldn’t be able to reproduce it exactly as you would need our modified engine. However, it appears we have resolved the issue with the latest version of the plugin.


Glad to hear the issue was resolved!