Culling issue in VR instanced stereo

I noticed an issue in VR with what looks looks like a tile culling issue in the right eye:

It only occurs when instance stereo is enabled.

Is there way to increase the ‘FOV’ where this culling happens?

its a bit noticeable on an INDEX, but seems to bit more with the Quest3 (bigger FOV?)


Hi @Fabian_T,

Unfortunately, there’s no user-accessible way to modify the FOV for culling. Cesium3DTileset should support stereo rendering, so I’m not sure what’s going on. And in a bad stroke of luck, our team member who is more familiar with VR is out. :grimacing:

If you’re willing to play around with the plugin in C++, I can at least point you to the code that is supposed to handle the stereo rendering. It’s in the ACesium3DTileset::GetPlayerCameras() function.