Curious about Well Formed File format support


I apologize, this should be my last question. My employer is curious about Cesium support for WFF files and I wanted to ask if anyone knew anything about that.

Thank you!

I’m not as familiar with the One World Terrain Well Formed Format as some other folks at Cesium, but my understanding is that it is 3D Tiles. It should work well in Cesium for Unity.

Thank you! Do you know where we go about integrating it in? I don’t know where we go about making use of it.
Thank you!

If you have data in the Well Formed Format, you should be able to simply point a Cesium3DTileset component in Cesium for Unity at it by entering the appropriate URL.

Or are you asking how to gain access to data in the WFF?

I think I just wasn’t aware that you could point the terrain to a WFF URL. Thank you!