Custom Geocode format to be used in Cesium

Hi Cesium team! I've been working on a Cesium app over the last few weeks and am currently stuck. I want to create a custom geocode (I'm planning to automatically generate a json file from lon/lat coordinates that I have and give them all the necessary information) and replace the bing geocode. The aim is to only be able to search for these new custom places.

I've had a look around the forums and the sandcastle example but the one thing I can't seem to work out is the format I need to give to my json file. In other words, which keys ("location", "name", etc.) can I and do I have to include for this to work. If there is a standard somewhere I haven't managed to find it.

If you could please indicate where I could find such a standard or give me a list of things I could/should include I'd be really grateful.

I'm working with the latest version of Cesium in the latest version of Chrome.

In any case I love the library, the community and can't wait to see all the new features that you guys plan to include!


Hi Ladislas,

The geocoding in Cesium is now done with the Pelias Geocoder instead of Bing, which is cool because it’s open source!

I would suggest taking a look at that blog post and the pull request that the change to Pelias was implemented. It shows how to integrate a different geocoder service. Let me know if you have anymore questions.



Thank you for the reply! This looks like it should help me to do what I have in mind