Using BingMap on CesiumIon

I have a question about using BingMaps.

When displaying BingMaps image tiles and GeoCodec using CesiumIon,
If I have a CesiumIon account and want to use the KEY, is it necessary to register for a BingMaps account?

On the other hand,
If you don’t use CesiumIon,
What is used for the default GeoCodec?

My CesiumJS version:1.67

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If you’re using Bing maps through Cesium ion, you do not need to get an API key from Bing.

Cesium ion currently uses Pelias for geocoding.

Thank you for your reply.

If CesiumIon KEY is set, is BingMaps automatically selected for GeoCodec?
Or do I need to set something?

I tried to edit ‘Custom Geocoder (in Cesium Sandcastle)’ code below,

var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer(‘cesiumContainer’, {
// geocoder: new OpenStreetMapNominatimGeocoder()

The result was not much different from before the correction.
Assuming the Custom GeoCoder sample uses Ion,
I thought there wasn’t much difference between BingMaps GeoCodec and OpenStreetMap GeoCodec.
Is this recognition wrong?

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Where is The KEY of Pelias on using Cesium ion.

I cannot find your document.


No. If you’re using Cesium ion, the geocoding is happening on Cesium ion’s servers, which is currently based off Pelias.

There is no Pelias key, since the geocoding is happening on Cesium ion, you access it using your ion key. Does that make sense?

You should get different results from different geocoders. For example, you can test this by getting a Bing API key and initializing the Bing geocoder: