Action needed for CesiumJS apps: Update to 1.105, or attribute Bing for geocoding

Hi CesiumJS developers,

Do you use the Cesium ion geocoder in your app? Hint: If you use the the Viewer, then this service is automatically included. If so, read on.

Cesium ion has recently changed how geocoding works under the hood. As a result, it’s now legally required to attribute Bing Maps in any application which uses geocoding. In CesiumJS 1.105 released today– May 1, 2023– this attribution will happen automatically. If you can, we suggest upgrading to CesiumJS 1.105 on May 1 as it will be compatible with any future attribution changes.

If you cannot update your CesiumJS version, you will need to make sure to attribute Bing Maps manually. In versions 1.104 and before, you can do so with the CesiumJS API by using CreditDisplay.addDefaultCredit:

viewer.scene.frameState.creditDisplay.addDefaultCredit(new Cesium.Credit('<img src="">', true));

or otherwise manually updating the page HTML to include

Please let us know if you have any questions about this change.