Custom Headers for Terrain

If you pass custom headers to a Resource, and then pass that as the url property to a CesiumTerrainProvider, should the custom headers provided on the Resource be applied to a CesiumTerrainProvider request? They currently are not. Is that an oversight or was it intentional decision to ignore the custom headers applied to the Resource?

CesiumTerrainProvider sets the accepts Accept header internally, but otherwise uses Resource.getDerivedResource to combine with the Resource’s existing headers. So it should only be adding that Accept header to the existing headers.

Do you have a Sandcastle example showing the issue?

Well now I feel stupid. I’ve tried this multiple times over the last few days and never could get it apply the headers that I was passing and now when I put it in Sandcastle it works. Back to the drawing board I suppose. Sorry

No worries! Let us know if you uncover anything not working as expected.