Custom Primitive Rendering Error on Rendering

1. A concise explanation of the problem you're experiencing.

While drawing a primitive, this error is occurring, I am giving vertices (Float64Array) and color (UInt8Array) values.

(unknown) An error occurred while rendering. Rendering has stopped.
DeveloperError: All attribute lists must have the same number of attributes.
    at new DeveloperError (eval at Array.concat.module.exports (http://localhost:19090/4.chunk.js:12205:8), <anonymous>:540:19)
    at Function.Geometry.computeNumberOfVertices (eval at Array.concat.module.exports (http://localhost:19090/4.chunk.js:12205:8), <anonymous>:17451:27)
    at updateGeometryAfterSplit (eval at Array.concat.module.exports (http://localhost:19090/4.chunk.js:12205:8), <anonymous>:36724:41)
    at updateInstanceAfterSplit (eval at Array.concat.module.exports (http://localhost:19090/4.chunk.js:12205:8), <anonymous>:36763:24)
    at splitLongitudeTriangles (eval at Array.concat.module.exports (http://localhost:19090/4.chunk.js:12205:8), <anonymous>:36997:9)
    at Object.GeometryPipeline.splitLongitude (eval at Array.concat.module.exports (http://localhost:19090/4.chunk.js:12205:8), <anonymous>:37409:17)
    at geometryPipeline (eval at Array.concat.module.exports (http://localhost:19090/4.chunk.js:12205:8), <anonymous>:97206:38)
    at Object.PrimitivePipeline.combineGeometry (eval at Array.concat.module.exports (http://localhost:19090/4.chunk.js:12205:8), <anonymous>:97350:26)
    at loadSynchronous (eval at Array.concat.module.exports (http://localhost:19090/4.chunk.js:12205:8), <anonymous>:99161:40)
    at Primitive.update (eval at Array.concat.module.exports (http://localhost:19090/4.chunk.js:12205:8), <anonymous>:99711:17)

whats the problem ? I cant figure it out, it works sometimes on some primitives but not on all.

Hi there,

I need more context. Can you provide a code sample, preferably one using Sandcastle?



This is the code, this is working, but when I add more vertices and color values (like 24000+ vertices and colors.
it gives an error.

May I ask what your goal is to render? There may be a better solution depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

A custom terrain landscape based on scientific data.

We have a blog post on **Procedural Terrain **that gives an overview of how to generate meshes for terrain at runtime. In particular, you should consider an approach that incorporates level of detail (LOD) in some way, most likely by generating terrain tiles.

You may also want to take a look at this thread, as it discusses creating similar geometries.

Thanks, but any information on this error, why this is arising? In triangle strip array?

I’m not exactly sure. The error is arising here. Is it possible to use lines here directly instead of using the toWireframe function?

Also generally for positions FLOATS are used (and Float32Array) because WebGL doesn’t support DOUBLE.