Errors when rendering

I’m trying to pinpoint some crashes I’m experiencing. I wonder if you could share your insight on these:

  1. - this sometimes gives a caught error, when primitive._instanceIds is undefined. How can primitive._instanceIds be undefined? Is this a normal state? Note that the app doesn’t crash here.

  2. Another place this is happening is here: - this time, the app crashes, mentioning kindly that the rendering has stopped.

These pheomena are related to the show attribute, so I guess my inquiry should start there. Are you aware of anything that might cause this?



I’m not sure exactly what would be causing that kind of crash. Can you post sample code that reproduces the problem?



Becuase I myself have limited access to the server, it’s hard for me to get to the bottom of this.

It doesn’t happen a lot, so I guess it happens in certain cases which could be pin-pointed.

I think it might be related to removal of entities (entityCollection.remove).

I’ll try to reproduce this with demo data I can share.