Custom shader with opacity not working (cesium 1.99 and 1.106)

I must be misunderstanding custom shaders, even with material.alpha = 0 mine is fully opaque.
Could somebody help with that? Here is my sandcastle

const customShader = new Cesium.CustomShader({
isTranslucent: true,
translucencyMode: Cesium.CustomShaderTranslucencyMode?.TRANSLUCENT,
mode: Cesium.CustomShaderMode.REPLACE_MATERIAL,

Any examples i could look at? I dont just want the color to be transparent the real thing has a fresnel Cesium Sandcastle


Hi @ka_sc,

Unfortunately, customShader is not a property of Entity. It can only be applied to models and 3D tilesets.

Perhaps you can achieve the effect by moving to a glTF model, or applying the fabric schema to the primitive?

Thanks, in real life i have a gltf model and i cannot make transparency work. I will update my sandcastle to use one

mix is probably what i am looking for

I am actually looking to blend gltf vertex color (rather than model color )and a custom shader,
Will CustomShaderMode.MODIFY_MATERIAL do that? Also getting Primitive is missing attribute v_normalEC, disabling custom fragment shader.