How do I adjust lighting Settings for CustomShader

So here’s a model, in the normal case, that looks something like this
When I added,
Cesium. ExperimentalFeatures. EnableModelExperimental = true;
The lighting is too extreme

However, after I remove the lighting, I can’t see the outline clearly. How do I get the effect of figure 1 in CustomShader

Hi @h2936817294,

Thank you for bringing the community your question! It would be great if you could share a sandcastle demo that showcases the behavior that you are seeing. I’d also love to learn more about how you are configuring your custom shader.


Also @h2936817294, try this again in Cesium 1.92, we recently added image-based lighting to ModelExperimental, that might explain the difference in lighting.

Just to crosslink things, this was also discussed in GitHub here

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