Shading on existing tile sets with custom shaders look changed

We upgraded to cesium 1.99 and are seeing changes in shading of existing tile sets (left new) with custom shaders and in that and future version. Any major changes that could cause this? We opted out of model experimental before for ifc shading issues

Hi @ka_sc,

In 1.97, model experimental become the implementation for model proper. That’s likely the cause of the difference.

Would you mind elaborating on the shading issues you were running into?

All we know is the custom gl shader is lost, we are no reapplying them client side. That work for a simple shader but we are not sure how to change our data to make them work.

Overall we experience all kind of shading problems since going to 1.99. We are black with custom back shaders on non apple devices only. Is there any more technical documentation about the changes?

hopefully [Fix check for style translucency by j9liu · Pull Request #11399 ·