Cyberpunk my Cesium. Procedural generated mesh on OSM buildings. Any idea?


i’m “serious playin’” around with Cesium and Unreal, I’m not a veteran dev so i have lots of trouble doing simple “things”.
I need to make the world a “tron-like” world, as much as possible. In that regard I apreciate every tip you can leave me in that general direction, link at tutorials or just “tech” inspirational (like this, for example).

Right now i’m here: i spent a day changing the Sample material to obtain an acid green grid on the terrain (shown in the embedded video). I wanted to change the color of the fonts of the base map using blend properties, but this is beyond me right now apparently (again, every tip is apreciated)

Now i wanna try to procedurally generate some mesh on the OSM buildings, the dream is to obtain something like that.

Do any of you have any idea how can i go in that direction? Isn’t it teoretically possible using geometry script, dynamic mesh and/or proper procedural meshes?

Thanks for every feedback.

There is no built-in way to modify the tiled meshes loaded and rendered by Cesium for Unreal. You can customize the material, of course. I think you’ve already figured out how to do that. And a material does have a limited ability to manipulate the world-space position of vertices. But beyond that, modifying the geometry is not directly supported.

Of course, the plugin is open source, so you could could add whatever mesh manipulation code you need by modifying the plugin itself. All the mesh creation code is in CesiumGltfComponent.

I don’t think I can help you much beyond that, but it sounds like a cool project, so good luck! Please share what you come up with!

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the fact that all of this stuff is open source is great, but dive in that code is totally beyond my skills right now. Knowing that it is possibile and where i can do that is really helpful anyway. Thanks Kevin!

If anyone had tried or is gonna try some “trick” do modifify the look and feel of OSM building without changin the tiled mesh (adding things on top of the mesh, for example), please keep posting this!